Drawing inspiration from expeditions to some of the most remote areas of the planet, Cameron composed and recorded this collection of music with the hope of sharing the atmospheres of these locations with others. Through merging violin, guitar, piano, percussion and synthesizers, these tracks were produced independently through layering each mix. 


This music features modern Scottish Folk compositions as well as five collections of soundtrack music used in the Films on this site. All music on this site is also available for licensing for other uses through ArtList.

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Scottish Folk

Composed to reflect the diverse human and natural landscapes of Scotland, from the urban buzz of Glasgow to the wildness of the Hebrides, these tunes feature a mix of traditional Scottish folk styles as well as elements of modern pop music.


Many of these tunes debuted at ceilidhs whilst Cameron was playing in ceilidh bands in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 



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Night on the Moor: 


Through merging original Scottish folk compositions with elements of modern pop music production, these tunes aim to form a bridge between contemporary and traditional music.


Drawing on elements of house and trap, these tracks have a rhythmic electronic backing that evokes feelings of atmospheric Scottish cityscapes.

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Composed to reflect the natural world as experienced on expeditions and research projects, these collections of instrumental music convey a variety of emotions. In this five-part collection of music called Atlas, each album reflects one specific location, which includes the Himalaya, Greenland and Scotland.


This music has been used to soundtrack the documentary films that are also featured on this site.



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To the Arctic (Atlas Vol. 1): 


These compositions reflect the desolate wilderness of the Greenland Ice Sheet as well as the speed at which climate change is impacting it. 


Based around simple arrangements for keyboards and guitar, this collection was used to soundtrack the Greenland360: Youth Expedition film.


Savannah (Atlas Vol. 2): 


Inspired by the vibrant African savannah and the mysterious Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, Savannah creates big arrangements of strings, guitars, percussion and synthesizers.


This album was heavily influenced by African rhythms and was used to soundtrack the Exploring the World's Strangest Volcano film.

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Mountain Air (Atlas Vol. 3): 


Mountain Air is based around the sense of adventure involved with undertaking a mountaineering and fieldwork expedition to the Himalaya


Using strings, guitars, percussion and synths, this collection was used to soundtrack the Adventures in the Himalaya film.

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Land of High Passes (Atlas Vol. 4): 


Composed while conducting fieldwork in Ladakh, this album brings out the themes of fragility, wonder, transformation and resilience.


This collection was used to soundtrack the Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change  film and is based around simple piano melodies with guitars, synthesisers and vocal backing.

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Changing Planet (Atlas Vol. 5): 


These compositions reflect the changing environment in Scotland as temperatures rise and bring in themes of determination, reflection and urgency.


With a Scottish folk twist, these arrangements feature fiddles, guitar, piano and percussion and were used to soundtrack the Climate Change and Scotland's Future film.

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All of the music on this site is available for licensing, whereby it can be used, rights-free, in other films. Through working with Artlist, Cameron's original compositions and recordings can now be purchased for any use.


To get started, visit Cameron's page on Artlist and set up an account.


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