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Through expedition work, travelling within the UK and collaborating with academic and environmental organisations, Cameron has produced a wide variety of digital content, which has involved filming, presenting, editing and soundtrack composition.


This content has taken the form of documentary films for interested public audiences, online mini-series for young audiences in education and short informative videos for wider audiences on social media. Based on his work, Cameron also gave a TEDx talk, which can be found on this page.

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Documentary Films

Shot in locations including Greenland, the Himalaya and Scotland, this collection of documentaries tells the stories of people and places in communities around the world as they encounter environmental change.


These films have won awards, been shared by the BBC and IMAX and have been shown to audiences which include government officials, schools, universities and the general public.

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Climate Change and Scotland's Future (2017)

Two university graduates travel across Scotland to find out how prepared the country is to adapt to future climate change. Their journey takes from the busy streets of Glasgow to the wild shores of South Uist and beyond as they meet agriculturalists, local officials and stakeholders who share their stories.

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Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change (2017)

Farming communities in Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya struggle to produce enough food to feed their families because of increasing water scarcity and rising temperature. Will adaptation projects such as 'artificial glaciers' be enough to allow the tradition of agriculture in the Himalaya to continue in future?


Adventures in the Himalayas (2016): 

A group of British young people travel to the Himalaya Mountains with the British Exploring Society to conduct fieldwork and summit unnamed mountains. Their experiences bring them face to face with the impacts of climate change and globalisation, making them question the global impacts of their actions at home in the UK.

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Exploring the World's Strangest Volcano (2015): 

Following in the footsteps of historic geologist John Walter Gregory, University of Glasgow students set out to study the unique and mysterious lavas of the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania and discover new eruptions at the volcano's crater as well as how local communities perceive the risk of the volcano.

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Greenland360: Youth Expedition (2015): 

Embarking on their first major expedition, a team of four teenagers from Scotland set up a remote basecamp in Greenland where they aim to investigate and document the impacts of climate change in the Arctic. Their journey takes them from the comforts of home to the Greenland Ice Sheet where they conducted fieldwork.

Education Series

Expeditions and travel offer great opportunities to learn about crucial aspects of the education curriculum. In this educational online mini-series, each video is dedicated to one particular aspect of the curriculum.


This content has been produced with and shared by Education Scotland and covers the subjects of geography, modern studies and expressive arts to offer an interdisciplinary approach to learning.


Climate Change in Action: Changing Greenland

This mini-series documents the findings of a team of high school leavers from Scotland as they organise an expedition to Greenland. Topics include glaciation, rivers, climate change, human impact as well as expressive arts where team members discuss the production of art and music based on their expedition experience.

TEDx Talk: A Global Climate Change Solution

In 2015, Cameron was invited to give a talk at the TEDxUniversityOfGlasgow conference to discuss his expedition, music and filmmaking work that was engaging new audiences with stories of climate change in the Arctic. 


In his talk, he shares his own experiences of documenting environmental change and also suggests ways more people can be inspired to take individual action.

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