1. Introduction     2. Cryosphere     3. Meltwater     4. Timelapse     5. Human Impact     6. Expressive Arts

1. Introduction

Rising global temperatures have caused ice to melt across the polar regions. This is particularly evident on the west coast of Greenland where meltwater from the Russell Glacier and ice sheet flows through the settlement of Kangerlussuaq and into the sea.


In the summer of 2014, a team of school leavers from Scotland organised an expedition to Greenland. The aim of the expedition was to study the changing landscape in Greenland and the impact this has on the people who live there.

They documented their studies and experiences in Greenland to produce this online mini-series. These resources can be used by learners and teachers to communicate messages about climate change and its impact on the landscape and people of Greenland. The expedition team hopes the videos and resources inspire the next generation to take on their own challenges to combat climate change.

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