1. Introduction     2. Cryosphere     3. Meltwater     4. Timelapse     5. Human Impact     6. Expressive Arts

6. Expressive Arts

Climate change is a complex issue and one that is not fully understood by all. The Greenland360 team, once home from their expedition to the Arctic in 2014, used expressive arts to communicate their experiences of climate change.


Through artwork and music, they sought to share their experiences with different audiences and help people see the impact climate change was having on the landscape in Greenland.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 20.25.28.png


Emily Macduff, the artist on the expedition, composed a series of paintings to tell a progressive story of the ongoing issue and destructive nature of climate change. By using a range of techniques, she represents many elements of the issue in her work.


A series of music was composed and recorded by Cameron Mackay to accompany other artistic and scientific outputs from the research expedition to Greenland. The pieces of music use a series of creative techniques to represent the process of climate change through a theme and its variations.