Adventures in the Himalayas






10m 43s

January 2016

Cameron Mackay

Cameron Mackay, British Exploring Expedition Team

Cameron Mackay

In the summer of 2015, a group of British young people travelled to Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya with the aim of conducting fieldwork and climbing unnamed mountains. As they travelled through the region, their interests shifted from mountaineering to focus on the changes that were taking place due to climate instability and westernisation. 


Through the whole process, they reflected on their own relationship with global issues and began to think about how our actions in the UK might contribute to issues experienced in Ladakh.


The film premiered at the Royal Geographical Society and has since been shown at locations such as the Glasgow IMAX Theatre.


The British Exploring Society take groups of young people on expeditions to remote and challenging environments each year with the aim of promoting youth development. To set up a screening of this film, get in touch here



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