Cameron Mackay

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Cameron Mackay

Cameron Mackay is a 23-year-old expedition leader, self-shooting filmmaker and climate change researcher. Since organising his first independent expedition in 2014 to Greenland, he has worked as a leader on several others in the Himalaya, Tanzania and the Amazon.


Driven by a desire to engage new audiences with stories of environmental change, this work has also led him to produce a series of documentary films and soundtracks, conduct research into climate change adaptation and give numerous talks throughout the UK. His work has also been featured by the BBC, TEDx, IMAX and Education Scotland.


As a Geography graduate from the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge, Cameron is currently working in the sustainability sector in Glasgow and hopes to conduct more expedition and filmmaking work in the future.








Cameron Mackay, Artlist Shoot 11 (Photo_
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Freelance Filmmaking and Composing

As a filmmaker, I work with people and organisations to create bespoke videos to help them get their message across to the right audience. As a composer, I work with filmmakers to write unique emotive soundtracks for their films. I have worked for organisations such as BBC Scotland, universities and independent filmmakers. Check out my showreel below.

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Speaking and Film Screenings

Cameron has given numerous talks and film screenings throughout the UK that cover his personal experiences of exploring environmental change through expeditions, lessons learned through environmental communication, as well as climate change adaptation in Scotland and the Arctic. He is bookable for talks on any of these topics and more!



As an expedition leader, Cameron has led with groups such as the British Exploring Society, the Glasgow University Expeditions Society and on his own independent expeditions.  These expeditions have all had different objectives, ranging from youth development to academic fieldwork and filmmaking.



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