Environmental stories told through film, music, writing and photography.



Cameron Mackay is an expedition leader, self-shooting filmmaker and climate change researcher.


His expedition work has taken him to polar, mountain and jungle environments where he has led youth groups and students. Driven by a desire to engage new audiences with stories of environmental change, he has conducted research, composed music and produced documentary films which have been shown by the BBC, at IMAX theatres and at film festivals across Europe. Through this work, the resources presented here at Changing Planet were created.

Environmental Communication

Engaging the public with discussions of environmental change is crucial and, in order to tell these stories effectively, many different types of media must be used. Changing Planet combines film, writing, music and photography with the aim of engaging new audiences with issues of environmental change and justice.


Through overseas expeditions and working in the UK this series of five documentary films, talks and short videos were produced. They detail themes of indigenous rights, climate change and adaptation.

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Stories from people and places all over the world are told through these articles and include environmental and social change in the Arctic as well as advice on organising expeditions. 

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Drawing inspiration from remote traveling, these five collections of music were composed and recorded. Also found here are new contemporary compositions of Scottish folk music. 


Photographs in these galleries tell the visual stories of communities and landscapes in locations from the Scottish Highlands, to Himalayan glaciers and the Amazon Rainforest.

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